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Our mission

We believe that

  • Learning will take place in a Catholic Faith based community of sudents, teachers, staff, and administrators with the support of parents and stakeholders.

  • Prayer, worship and a religious atmosphere are of primary importance in a Catholic Faith based community and all members of that community and should strive for greater love and respect for God, others, and themselves.

  • Education is both content and process. Students must be able to show their knowledge, be aware of how to develop it, and make use of it both now and in the future.

  • Students need to take some responsibility for their own learning and formation. That is to say, they need to be aware of great effort needed on their part to master their academics and grow in virtue.

  • Students should leave St. Joseph's High School with a thorough knowledge of the Catholic Faith and a deeper sense of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

The Four Pillars of St. Joseph Catholic High School

  • Religion

  • Academic Competence

  • Discipline

  • Integrity


Knowledge of God and a faith-filled lived experience play a major role at St. Joseph Catholic High School. Fostering Christian values and nurturing spirituality are important for each student's development.

Academic Competence

Proficiency is mastered in academic ares while interests are developed through elective courses.


Self-discipline, as well as adherance to rules, promotes a peaceful, nurturing, and safe learning enviroment.


Conducting oneself in a manner of honor and respect is crucial to one's growth and maturity.

School's Profile of Graduates

Our Graduates will endeavor to continue their journey through life in the following ways:

Spirituality: To have an appreciation for and a good understanding of the Catholic Faith. They should also be able to see the connection between their faith in Jesus Christ and the way they should live their lives.

Intellectually: Having mastered the basics of reading, writing, science and mathematics, they will be prepared to achieve higher levels of learning and contribute meaningfully to the world they live in.

Physically and Emotionally: To know and practice the best principles of mind and body, involved in a healthy lifestyle.

Socially: To understand the importance of contributing to the communities they live in with an eye to promoting the common good. 


As a parent, I chose to enroll my child at St. Joseph High School because of its long history of educating children in a safe, healthy enviroment with strong Christian values. 

From my observation, the school follows its mission to provide quality education, place strong emphasis on Christian living and prepare their students to take their place in society.

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