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Our History

St. Joseph High School is the only Catholic High School on St. Croix. It sits on 12.8 acres in Estate Mount Pleasant in the Frederiksted countryside. On November 1, 1962, the Redemptorist Fathers who operated St. Mary and St. Patrick schools acquired the land with the intent of merging the 9th through 12th grades from these two schools to form a central high school. The school groundbreaking occurred on April 12, 1967. Many parents and friends worked tirelessly to ensure that the school would be erected in time for the new school year. They laid the foundation for one of the oldest high schools still in existence on St. Croix and for a legacy of service.

St. Joseph's 13-acre campus property was bought for $24,998.81 on November 1, 1962 and the building process begun on April 12, 1964. It opened in September of 1964 with 237 students in attendance. It was dedicated on December 6, of the same year with its principal Mother Mary Constantina. Not long after its 25th anniversary Hurricane Hugo destroyed the campus along with the buildings of St. Joseph. It then fully reopened 3 years later after the rebuilding process with temporary rooms was completed.

St. Joseph has throughout the history been blessed with a school community of parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. They give their gifts of time, talent, and money for the benefit of the school. Our students learn to serve the school and the St. Croix community and continue this tradition after graduation.

St. Joseph High School opened on September 1964 with 237 students and Mother Mary Constantine as principal. She led a faculty team comprised mostly of other nuns and Redemptorist priests. The official dedication took place of December 6, 1964. In 1969 Raymond Ferreira became the first lay principal. He served until 1982. During his tenure, there was an increase in lay faculty and a diversified student body emerged. Their families hailed from St. Croix, Puerto Rico, and other eastern and southern Caribbean islands, the continental United States and the Middle East. Also, during that time, a multipurpose building was erected. It housed a gymnasium, kitchen, cafeteria and later four additional classrooms. Many co-curricular activities were introduced during Mr. Ferreira’s tenure. In addition to various sport teams, St. Joseph boasted a marching band, drill team, choir, student government and special interest clubs.

Although the campus was severely damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, by 1992 the school had been rebuilt, with the exception of the gymnasium, cafeteria and classrooms housed in the school’s multipurpose center. Many students, parents, faculty, and alumni have expressed a strong desire to rebuild the structure. In 2004, the Board of Directors passed a resolution in support of that undertaking. The five-year strategic plan is expected to reflect that goal along with a plan for acquiring the resources necessary for its attainment.

St. Joseph High School has been fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools since 1988. It has always offered college preparatory curriculum that also affords students to business and work opportunities.


St. Joseph High School distinguishes itself from other schools on the island by maintaining its focus on providing morals and value-based educational opportunities.

Here are a few quick facts about St. Joseph Catholic High School:


Nov. 1, 1962: St. Joseph's campus property bought.

April 12, 1964: Ground-breaking ceremony was held.

September 1964: St. Joseph's first official opening

December 6, 1964: Dedication Of SJHS

Largest Graduating Class: 89 Students (Class of '95)

Smallest Graduating Class: (Class of '03)

Approximate Alumni (as of 2000): 2,042

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