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daily class schedule 2023-2024

Time (Mon-Fri)
Gr. 9
Gr. 10
Gr. 11
Gr. 12
7:30 - 7:40
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
7:50 - 8:36
Health (Library - Mrs. Maynard)
Biology (Bldg. 4 - Ms. Caines)
Intro to Philo (Bldg. 1)
Love and Marriage (Bldg. 6)
8:40 - 9:26
Physical Science (Bldg. 4 - Ms. Caines)
Geometry (Bldg. 3 - Ms. Belardo)
US History (Bldg. 2 - Dr. Jackson)
Religion IV (Bldg. 1)
9:30 - 10:15
Religion I (Bldg. 1)
English II (Bldg. 5 - Dr. Jackson)
Chemistry (Bldg. 4 - Ms. Caines)
Business Math (Bldg. 3 - Ms. Belardo)
10:19 - 11:04
Algebra I (Bldg. 3 - Ms. Belardo)
Religion II (Bldg. 1)
Study Hall
English IV (Bldg. 5 - Dr. Jackson)
11:04 - 11:39
11:40 - 11:45
Angelus Prayer
Angelus Prayer
Angelus Prayer
Angelus Prayer
11:47 - 12:32
Carribean History (Bldg. 2 - Ms. Charles)
Computer (Lab)
Religion III (Bldg. 6)
Study Hall
12:36 - 1:21
English I (Bldg. 5 - Dr. Jackson)
Art (Bldg. 2 - Ms. Charles)
English III (Bldg. 5 - Dr. Jackson)
Trig (Bldg. 3 - Ms. Belardo)
1:25 - 2:10
Computer (Lab)
World History (Bldg. 2 - Ms. Charles)
Algebra III (Bldg. 3 - Ms. Belardo)
Government (Bldg. 6 - Mr. Bannis)
2:14 - 3:00
PE (Field - Mrs. Maynard)
Criminology (Bldg. 6 - Mr. Bannis)
Computer (Lab)
PE (Field - Mrs. Maynard)


Our academics

Saint Joseph High School offers a comprehensive curriculum that promotes high academic standards, the pursuit of excellence, leadership opportunities and enhanced student engagement. The educational program integrates multiple methods, strategies and instructional tools to connect teaching/learning experiences.

Students receive instruction for developing critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and study skills in almost every subject area. In Mathematics, especially, students are taught how to organize and interpret information, select and apply strategies and understand simple as well as complex concepts. In Science students are taught how to use scientific inquiry and critical thinking to develop an understanding of Science. In these subject areas students engage in cooperative learning opportunities, complete projects and participate in competitions.

Students receive instructions in the effective use of technology for learning and opportunities to apply that knowledge in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Business, and Computer Science classes. In most subject area students are required to use technology for review, research and exploration. Students participate in group projects, conduct individual projects, and compete in local and national competitions using technology.

Subjects that provide opportunities to develop social skills such as self-control and accepting responsibility are Religion, Music, Art, and Physical Education. In Religion students are taught to understand that they are citizens of a global community. In Art and Music students are taught to develop imagination, creativity, and self-expression, individually and as part of a group. Choir presents opportunities for students to meet performance expectations through constant practicing, develop performance skills and appropriate behavior. Physical Education provides learning opportunities to develop good sportsmanship, exhibit teamwork, demonstrate leadership skills, and use healthy competition as well as how to set personal improvement goals.


9th Grade - Introduction to Catholicism

10th Grade - Understanding the Scriptures

11th Grade - History of the Church

12th Grade - Our Moral Life in Christ

English Language Arts

9th Grade - English I

10th Grade - English II World Literature

11th Grade - English III American Literature

12th Grade - English IV - British Literature

12th Grade - Public Speaking/Speech


9th Grade - Algebra I

10th Grade - Geometry

11th Grade - Algebra II

12th Grade - Trigonometry

Social Studies

9th Grade - Caribbean History

10th Grade - World History

11th Grade - American History


9th Grade - Physical Science

10th Grade - Biology

11th Grade - Chemistry


9th Grade - Spanish I

10th Grade - Spanish II

11th Grade - Spanish III

12th Grade - Spanish IV

Elective Courses

9th Grade - Life Skills

9th Grade - Technology

10th Grade - Business

10th Grade - Family and Consumer Sciences

11th Grade - Philosophy I

12th Grade - Philosophy II

Students Activities (Based on student's interests, skills, and qualifications)

Student Council

National Honors Society

Chess Club

Art Club

Study Club

Senior Activities



Beach Volleyball



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