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From the desk of the headmaster:



Welcome to St. Joseph Catholic High School, where we pride ourselves with offering an integral educational formation. Our Philosophy and Curriculum aid our students to grow intellectually, spiritually, and psychologically. At the same time, this curriculum encourages students to achieve excellent results in Advanced Placement and SAT exams.

Grounded on Catholic ethos and the Classical Texts of Western Civilization, our curriculum prepares the students to enter the best colleges and to face the world at large. The notion of fraternity centered on charity in truth – Caritas in Veritate is fundamental to the formation of our students. Our students are taught to embrace all people as brothers and sisters, and not merely as neighbors in a globalized society. The emancipation of the mind is pivotal, not only for the Caribbean child but for all people striving for the common good. Many great leaders have benefited from our school system, and they remain good examples and an encouragement that we still need to produce leaders for society. Students, Parents, Educators, Board members, the Catholic Diocese of St. Thomas, and all members of society have a sacred vocation to work together towards achieving the intellectual, spiritual, psychological, physical and moral development of each student. The progress of each student is important, and therefore, parents – as primary educators - need to ensure that their son/daughter is excelling in all these aforementioned areas.

Through various activities that take place at the school, parents are encouraged to meet with the Headmaster and/or the Dean of Students (Mrs. Sandra Miranda Maynard) on a regular basis. I extend a warm welcome to all returning students, new students, faculty, staff, parents, board members and all our alumni and benefactors.

We entrust this new academic year to St. Joseph our Patron, and to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In Faith,

Rev. Fr. Thabang I. Nkadimeng




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